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Owning a business in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and the greater Kansas City area is rewarding. You get to experience the economic growth in your community and surrounding areas, yet you still benefit from the down-home atmosphere characterized by a small community. The people that you do business with in your community are the same people you dine with at 54th Street Grill & Bar, Mio's Trattoria and BBQ with on the weekends. These people are your friends, coworkers, and family members, so it makes sense to institute policies and procedures in your business that will keep your entire community safe, right? Making sure that you carry the proper insurance is a great start of the process. A diagnostic review of your business is where the agents at Epic Insurance begin so they can uncover any dangerous coverage gaps that could affect you, your business, your employees or your community.

Business Safety Procedures Protect Communities

When you are a part of a neighborhood or small community, like many in Missouri and Kansas, you are tight-knit. Businesses, which have drivers, must be particularly careful since 68% of accidents involving commercial vehicles involved drivers hitting another car; that’s grounds for a lawsuit. Fortunately, safety protocols adopted by businesses are reducing the number of accidents with commercial drivers. In 2010, the rate of commercial accidents dropped nearly 4%. However, 16% of claims settled for more than $1,000,000. That's one in seven accidents. But, you can do more to protect your neighbors.

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