What is Custom Motorcycle Insurance?

One of the aspects Lees Summit, MO motorcycle enthusiasts most look forward to when they purchase their bikes is having the opportunity to customize. This means that no two motorcycles will be the same, as there are endless ways to modify a chopper, truly making it your own. Our insurance experts at Epic Insurance are to guide those looking for motorcycle insurance on this important coverage. 

What is Custom Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle riders are compelled by state law to purchase liability insurance in the amount of $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 per accident.

Most lenders will require you to obtain full coverage indemnification to cover the cost to replace or repair your bike while you still carry a balance. This protects you when you’re involved in a wreck and it’s your own fault, as the other driver will not be paying for your expenses. Your Epic Insurance representative can go into further detail with you about this scenario. 

Custom motorcycle insurance takes into account the individual value of your bike, and aftermarket parts will have to be divulged and described in detail. It can be more difficult to obtain this type of insurance if your motorcycle is not one that is listed in the NADA appraisal guide, a circumstance that is often the case when you build from a kit or from various components. 

A benefit of custom motorcycle coverage is that your bike can be repaired using the same quality equipment with which it was outfitted prior to the collision. You can ask your insurance provider what the replacement allowance is for accessories and any custom parts to make sure you are sufficiently covered. 

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Epic Insurance is happy to serve motorcycle riders in the Lees Summit, MO area. Reach out to us by phone, visit us online, or stop by the office, and we can put together a package to suit your situation.