Go On A Road Trip Without Breaking The Bank

When you live in Missouri, there may be various places that you want to go on a road trip. While driving can be considerably cheaper than airfare, it can still add up to a pretty penny. There are some tips that you can follow to go on the road trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank. This will allow you to load up friends or family into the car and go on an adventure.

Know Your Apps

There are various mobile apps that you can download to your smartphone or tablet. This can help you with many different aspects of your road trip. Depending upon the apps that you download, you can get help with:

  • Finding lowest prices at gas stations
  • Finding cheapest rates at hotels and motels
  • Planning your trip
  • Locating entertainment
  • Getting directions

Pack Your Food

You can save a lot of money by packing your own food. This will eliminate your dependency on convenience stores and fast food restaurants. You may want to pack a cooler with drinks, sandwiches, and healthy snacks. As you pass grocery stores along the trip, you can go inside to stock up on more items.

Camp Your Way Through

Instead of spending money on hotels and motels, you can pack a tent in the car. This will allow you to camp at various campsites around the country and be a little more adventurous as well. Many campsites have plenty of modern amenities, including showers, game rooms, and much more.

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Shop for a Renters Insurance Policy That Suits You

Sharing an apartment with a roommate is an excellent way to save money. Along with splitting your monthly rent, you can also go in together on big purchases, like getting a television, couch and coffee table. There is one thing, however, that you shouldn’t purchase with your roommate: renters insurance.

You Need Your Own Renters Insurance

In most situations, roommates can’t purchase renters insurance together. Even if you are able to buy coverage with your roommate, you should avoid it.

You and your roommate have different insurance needs. You should shop around for a policy that meets your needs, not those of your roommate. Going in together on renters insurance, if you’re even able to, would only save you a few dollars a month, and you might not get the best coverage for yourself.

We Can Help You Find Renters Insurance

Shopping around for a renters insurance policy that matches up with your individual needs isn’t difficult if you have the help of an independent insurance agent. If you rent an apartment in Lees Summit, MO, an independent agent who is licensed in Missouri can help you assess your insurance needs and find a policy that provides the coverage you should have.

If you don’t have an independent insurance agent who can help you find a renters insurance policy, contact us at Epic Insurance, LLC. We have many independent insurance agents who are ready to help you. Our agents will carefully review what levels of coverage you’re looking for, and then they’ll find you the best rates for those coverages. Because our agents work for you, you’ll know you’re getting a policy that perfectly matches your needs.

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Protect Yourself and Your Belongings from Fires and Short-Circuits

Tenants are sometimes surprised to learn that they might be held responsible for a fire-causing short circuit. If you rent an apartment in Lees Summit, MO that has an electrical short circuit, whether you or your landlord is held responsible for any damage that the short causes will be determined by your lease and Missouri’s state laws. If you’re held liable, you’ll want to have a renters insurance policy that will protect you.

Renters Insurance Protects Renters

In a multi-unit building, the expenses related to a short circuit can quickly add up. For example, if your electrical system is overloaded and shorts, you might be held responsible for the:

  • cost of having an electrician make an emergency, after-hours call
  • loss of your personal possessions that suffered fire or smoke damage
  • any fire or smoke damage that the building suffered
  • any loss that other tenants suffered as a result of the short

Renters insurance provides you with a means of protecting yourself against this risk. Depending on a policy’s terms, it may reimburse you for the loss of your possessions through personal property coverage and provide financial protection for the other expenses through personal liability coverage.

Our Agents Help Renters

If you don’t have renters insurance that provides you with this level of protection, contact our independent insurance agents. At Epic Insurance, LLC, we’ve helped many tenants in Lees Summit and other parts of Missouri find renters insurance that provides robust protection against a host of risks. Our agents would be glad to look at every insurer’s policies to find you one that affords the protection you need. To reach one of our agents, you can either contact us at Epic Insurance, LLC by calling us our emailing us through our website.