How to Stay Focused While Driving

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous and deadly activities on the road. You certainly want to stay safe and focused while driving. With that in mind, follow these tips, courtesy of Epic Insurance serving Lees Summit, MO.

Put the phone away

Do not even have your phone out while you are driving. And certainly never use it while driving. If you do need to use it, pull over to the side of the road, park and be in a parked position before ever using your phone. Disaster can strike even in a few seconds of using a phone while behind the wheel.

Map ahead of time

Trying to map out a trip, even a short one, and trying to coordinate all that while you are driving is essentially impossible and very risky. Instead, map out your route before you even start the car. You might find yourself feeling much more relaxed.

Avoid other distractions

Keep in mind that there are many distractions other than phones. Avoid all of those too. They can include changing the radio station, having conversations with passengers or trying to snack while driving.

Don’t drive while tired

Driving while you’re tired can be extremely dangerous. if driving at night makes you sleepy, only drive when it’s daylight outside. Pace yourself, and only drive for short periods of time at a stretch. Make sure you have had a good night’s sleep whenever you drive, especially when you are going to be driving long distances several days in a row.

You want to do everything in your power to keep yourself, your passengers and passengers in other vehicles as safe as possible. So implement these steps, and notice what a difference that makes. Safe Traveling!

Myths About Recreational Vehicle Coverage

Driving a recreational vehicle, or RV, can be thrilling and fun. But myths abound around coverage for your RV, and how they’re covered can change state to state. 

Myth #1: My Car Insurance Will Cover My RV

This seems to be one of the biggest and most widespread myths about RV insurance: your normal car insurance will cover your RV. Unfortunately, this is untrue: not only do most automobile policies don’t cover your personal items, but they also usually do not include the necessary liability insurance that you’ll need when your recreational vehicle is parked and being used as your residence. 

Additionally, most auto coverage doesn’t include any accessories, such as satellite dishes, roof-top air conditioners, or awnings. Talk to a Lees Summit, MO insurance specialist to find out what insurance you need for your RV.

Myth #2: All RVs Need The Same Coverage / All RVs Are The Same

This is a two-part myth that goes hand in hand. First, not all RVs are the same: Towable RVs are not operated as motor vehicles, so they don’t require separate auto insurance. However, other types of motorhomes do require their own, separate auto insurance policy. 

Additionally, if you tow a trailer on your motorhome, it could be covered by your vehicle’s liability insurance policy, but once you park, it might not be. 

Second, not all RV insurance is equal: some policies will cover your entire recreational vehicle, while others will not.  A professional insurance agent at Epic Insurance in Lees Summit, MO will be able to help you figure out exactly what you need for your RV.

Myth #3: My Regular Homeowners Insurance Will Cover My RV Personal Property

Don’t get caught in a situation where you’re facing major losses: Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover most RV personal property. Not only do most homeowners insurance policies have a high deductible, but many have very strict requirements about what can be covered when you are not on the premises. 

Epic Insurance agents will be able to customize the right policy for you and your RV.

3 Things to Know Before Purchasing Boat Insurance

One of the most important tasks for boat owners, purchasing boat insurance is important for a variety of reasons. No matter what type of boat you own, purchasing boat insurance is a vital component to owning and maintaining a boat in Lees Summit, MO. That said, the following is a list of 3 things you should know before purchasing boat insurance.

Coverage Options

Before purchasing boat insurance, you should understand that there are various coverage options. For instance, your boat could be covered while in the water only, while in the water and other specific places, or anywhere you go. Be mindful of this when you are selecting a plan and make sure the plan you select is in line with your personal coverage needs.

Agreed vs. Market Value

When it comes to purchasing a boat insurance policy, you can purchase one with an agreed value or market value. On the one hand, an "agreed value" policy will provide you with an agreed-upon sum, in the event that your boat is totaled. On the other hand, a "market value" policy will only give you the depreciated amount.

Are you Eligible for Discounts?

Last but not least, you need to find out if you are eligible for discounts. Although insurance providers do their best to give each customer the best rates, they are not guaranteed to be aware of every discount available to you. Be sure to take the time to research the available discounts as well as whether you qualify, before purchasing the policy.

Overall, when purchasing boat insurance, there are many things to consider. Either way, Epic Insurance is here to serve you. Simply call, email, or stop by the Epic Insurance office in Lees Summit, MO, to get a quote and start your policy as soon as possible.

5 Tips For Lees Summit Residents To Stay Healthy This Summer

Warmer weather is here, and it’s natural to feel a little bit self-conscious about going to the pool or slipping into a pair of shorts. While vanity is an understandable reason to want to change some of your habits, it’s important to focus on health as the core goal of behavioral change. At Epic Insurance, serving Lees Summit, MO, we care about your health. Follow these tips to stay healthy this summer- and maybe feel a little bit more confident in your swimsuit. 

– Get outside in the early morning or evening hours. Beat the heat and stay active by getting active outside before and after the sun is at its worst.

– Hydrate. Go drink a glass of water- now! Repeat every 2-3 hours.

– Get the family involved. Play a quick game of basketball, invite your spouse out for a walk, or simply go to the farmers market together.

– Stay active on vacation. You might not want to hit up a Zumba class while you’re at the beach, but the doesn’t mean you should lay on a towel all day! Toss a baseball with your kids, get out for a walk on the boardwalk, or go for a hike. 

– Enjoy local, in-season produce.   When fruits and veggies have to travel thousands of miles to get to the grocery store, their nutrient content drops. By eating local, you’re getting foods at the height of freshness.

Of course, an important part of staying healthy is having great insurance coverage. Stop into Epic Insurance, serving Lees Summit, MO, to talk about our health insurance policies for you and your family today.

Expanding Your Business? You Should Review Your Existing Commercial Insurance Policy

Do you own a business in Lees Summit, MO? Are you planning on expanding and growing your business? If so, this is the perfect time to reevaluate your existing commercial insurance policy. Chances are, the policy you already have in place may not cover your growing business and you’ll need additional coverage. Read on to learn about some factors that affect your current policy and how you can change this.

Hiring Additional Employees

Congratulations on your growing business. You’re so successful that you’ve been hiring more employees. However, are all of them protected under your current policy? It’s a good idea to find out. By utilizing the services of Epic Insurance, the experienced insurance agents will help you go over your policy and determine what coverage needs to be added to include new employees.

You’ve Expanded Your Fleet

Whether your business requires additional cars, trucks, vans, airplanes, recreational vehicles, or even watercraft, you’ll want to be sure your growing fleet is covered. You can contact your existing insurance provider to find out if you need to add additional coverage for your growing fleet or use the help of an insurance agent.

You’ve Expanded Your Location

Have you added another location for your business? If so, chances are you need to upgrade your existing commercial insurance policy to include new locations. A new location across town or across the country will require that you protect this business asset with additional coverage.

To learn more about your current commercial insurance policy and how to upgrade it, contact the professional team at Epic Insurance who serves the Lees Summit, MO area. Our team is on hand to answer all your questions and concerns and find you the right policy for the right price. Call us today.

How to Upgrade Home Insurance for a Renovation

When doing a renovation project on your home, it important to upgrade your home insurance for the cost of the project. You will want to make sure you have the proper increase in replacement cost coverage for the home and its contents. Work with your agent at Epic Insurance serving Lees Summit, MO and the surrounding communities. Your agent will let you know what adjustments are needed and how to document the expenses of the renovation project to make calculating the replacement costs easier when the job is done.

Sequential Home Insurance Upgrades for Work In Progress

Change the insurance coverage before the job is finished, if it takes a long time to do the project and the renovation is done in stages. You can make multiple adjustments to the amount of home insurance coverage in sequence as the work is partially finished. This keeps the home’s insured value at the correct amount that covers the investment being made in renovating the home as the construction project is underway.

Video Tape the Project

A nice way to document the project is to make a videotape of the progress. This is good evidence that the work is actually being done and how it is done. A video recording shows the quality of the work, in case it needs to be redone later due to damage from an insured risk. It is nice to add a narration on the video recording to describe any special features that are part of the renovation project. Describe the use of valuable materials for the construction and the installation of any custom work.

Inflation Adjustment

It is a good idea for home insurance to have an automatic increase in value that is recalculated based on the general rate of inflation. This percentage is applied to the insured value of replacement cost to cover the increases in costs due to inflation.

Call 816-795-6600 to talk with your agent at Epic Insurance in Lees Summit, MO and let him or her know about your plans for a renovation project so that the proper adjustments can be made to your home insurance.

Top Five Factors Affecting Your Auto Insurance Premium

Wonder what you can do, if anything, to your auto insurance rates in Lees Summit, MO? While there is no definite answer as every auto insurance company is different. There are common factors that most insurance companies use to determine your monthly car insurance premium.  

The insurance professionals at Epic Insurance of compiled a list of the top five factors affecting your car insurance costs and the things you can do to help your premium.

Auto Insurance Factors 

Most of the factors that go into auto insurance rates, you can’t do much about. But you can be a better driver, pay your bills on time and consider bundling your home and auto insurance as ways to save on your premiums.  Here are things that may be affecting your auto insurance premiums. 

Where you live
Unless you want to move to a new area, there isn’t much you can do about this one. Insurance companies view certain areas higher risk than others. Maybe it’s weather related like hail, or if the city is more accident prone, whatever the care you could pay more for places deemed riskier by the carrier. 

How often you drive
The more you drive, the more you pay. Since you are commuting more and increase your chance of an accident, you could spend more than drivers who are on the roads less. 

What you drive     
Type of car you drive plays a role in how much your auto insurance rates are. For cars considered intermediate-performance, high-performance, or sports vehicles, and for rear-engine models, insurance companies charge higher rates. 

How you’ve driven in the past
Auto insurance companies frequently look at claims history and if your driving record to gauge what type of driver you are. The more that shows up, the more could pay. 

Your marital status
Studies have shown married couples to be safer drivers than their single counterparts. If you haven’t tied the knot yet, you could have higher insurance rates.  

While every situation is different and based on the individual, the friendly staff at Epic Insurance would love to help Lees Summit, MO drivers understand their auto insurance better. Stop by or give us a call today! 

What happens if your boat insurance policy lapses?

Your boat insurance plan has lapsed and you are not quite sure how to move forward. You know that you need a policy. Is reinstatement a possibility, though? Should you consider other options? Read on to learn more about what happens when a boat insurance policy lapses in Lees Summit, MO. Call the agents at Epic Insurance for more help!

You are still responsible for overdue balances

Some consumers think that letting their policy lapse is a clear sign of their intention to go with another provider. The truth is that the insurance company does not come to any conclusions regarding your decision to remain with them or go with someone else. Some assurance policy lapses are clear oversight, which means that the insured pays to reinstate the plan at a later date. You still owe any unpaid balances on assurance plans even if you let the policy lapse because you decided to go with another provider.

You are not covered under the policy

You usually have a ten-day window that lets you get current with your payment plan and back on the right track. A good insurance provider tells you the exact date and time that your policy will expire. You are not covered under the plan should an accident occur after such period.

Understanding the nature of your insurance coverage is essential when you are in the grace window. A provider is bound by law to pay for any costs associated with an accident even if you are behind on your monthly payments so long as the event happens within the grace period. This means that you cannot be denied coverage for an eligible boat incident and subsequent claim on the basis of non-payment. An insurer, however, is free to deny any claim that occurs after the fact even if you choose to reinstate your plan.

Reinstatement as a possibility

Some consumers believe that all is lost when their boat insurance plan lapses. The truth, however, is that many providers are happy to reinstate plans that are brought up to date within an acceptable period. You should not have much difficulty reinstating an insurance plan that lapsed today and is paid in full tomorrow. There are, however, high fees associated with the reinstatement process that may lead some buyers to look elsewhere.

It is always a good idea to consider all of your options when it comes to boat insurance in Lees Summit, MO. Call the agents at Epic Insurance today to get started with a quote!

How can recreational insurance protect me?

If you have a recreational vehicle, you likely will spend many long days driving around, enjoying it, and building memories. While a recreational vehicle can be a lot of fun to own and operate, it also comes with some responsibilities that you need to take seriously. One of these is to make sure that you are properly covered by insurance. Having recreational insurance can protect you a number of different ways. 

Protects The Vehicle and Asset

One of the unique parts about a recreational vehicle is that it is not only a mode of transportation, but it could also be a temporary home. This means that you may have a lot of personal belongings inside of it as well. When you have a recreational vehicle insurance policy in place, it will provide you with a variety of benefits including protection for the vehicle and all of your belongings that are inside of it. This means that if your vehicle is stolen or damaged, you will have the coverage you need to replace or repair these assets.

Liability Coverage

If you have a recreational vehicle in the Lees Summit, MO area, you also need to make sure that you are in compliance with the law when it comes to insurance. Similar to any other type of vehicle, you will be required by law to carry liability insurance at all times. When you have a recreational insurance policy, you will receive this type of coverage in the policy to ensure you are properly covered for your personal liability.

Overall, a recreational vehicle can be a complicated asset to insure. Because of this, those that are in the Lees Summit, MO area should reach out to Epic Insurance. The team at Epic Insurance is experienced with writing recreational vehicle insurance policies to make sure that you are properly covered.

How Does Health Insurance Work?

There is much talk about health insurance. Few, however, understand the intricate details of coverage. What exactly does it mean to have health insurance? Also, what does it mean to have a deductible attached to your policy? An agent from Epic Insurance can help you find the best health indemnity plan in Lees Summit, MO.

What does it mean to have health insurance?

A person who has a health insurance plan can rest assured in knowing that, should a medical emergency occur, he does not have to pay all of the expenses associated with his care. A health insurance plan covers some or all costs associated with medical care. You may find the policy especially helpful when an emergency occurs and you require extensive assistance.

How much does it cost?

The average health insurance plan requires premium payments along with co-payments and deductibles. Co-payments are the small amount of money that you must pay to cover the cost of care during physical examinations and medical emergencies. Deductibles, on the other hand, is a larger amount that you must pay before the terms of your insurance plan kick in to cover the remaining amount.

More about co-payments and deductibles

The amount that you pay in co-payments, as well as deductibles, depends on the amount that you are willing to pay in monthly premiums. Those who opt for cheaper monthly payments may be surprised when a large bill comes their way for emergency care. On the other hand, those who pay more on a monthly basis may be relieved to know that the majority, if not all, of their expenses are covered under their indemnity plan.

An agent from Epic Insurance can help you find a health insurance plan in Lees Summit, MO that best fits your budget. Call them today for a quote!