Life Insurance as an Investment Tool

Some life insurance offers a death benefit to your beneficiary and a savings or investment account tied to it. When a life insurance policy has one of these savings accounts, the insurance industry says it includes a cash-value savings account. Our experienced insurance professionals at Epic Insurance in Lees Summit, MO can help you navigate this vital coverage.

Life Insurance as an Investment Tool

Industry experts recommend that you purchase this type of whole life policy by age 30. This lets you save until your planned retirement or death.

Your monthly premium goes to pay for your life insurance first, then deposits the rest of the premium in a savings account.  Some of these accounts offer high-yield interest rates while others use a stock market index as a guide for paying interest.

All of these savings accounts guarantee no loss of your initial investment, so they can provide a safer way to invest in the stock market. Since you won’t lose your capital, you can more easily build your nest egg.

The rest of the life insurance policy works just like any other whole policy. As long as you pay your premiums, you receive coverage. Upon your accidental death or death by natural causes, your beneficiary receives your policy’s death benefit.

While cash value policies once only came in large dollar benefit policy plans, today you can pick up life insurance with a cash value account for a death benefit of $75,000.

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