Tips to make your house more energy-efficient

Are you looking for ways to make your Lees Summit, MO area house more energy efficient? The good news is that there are plenty of simple and easy things you can do to reduce your energy usage.

Here are some tips from us at Epic Insurance to help you get started.

Tips to make your house more energy-efficient

1. Invest in energy-efficient appliances

When it comes time to replace an old appliance, look for one that is Energy Star certified. This means the appliance meets strict standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and uses significantly less electricity than traditional models. 

2. Insulate your home

Poor insulation can lead to higher heating and cooling costs, so make sure that your attic, walls, and crawl spaces are properly insulated. This helps keep cool air in during the summer months while trapping warm air during the winter. 

3. Install a programmable thermostat

If you currently use a manual thermostat, consider investing in a programmable version instead. These allow you to set different temperatures throughout the day so that your HVAC system isn’t running as much when it’s not necessary. 

4. Use natural lighting

During daylight hours, open up the shades and curtains on windows that receive direct sunlight and let nature provide some free light for your home! This will also help naturally heat up rooms during colder months if the sun is shining directly on them. 

Insure Your Home For the Best Coverage

Making small changes around your home can add up to big savings over time and can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint as well! For more ideas on how to be more energy efficient at home, give us at Epic Insurance a call today. We proudly serve the Lees Summit, MO area.

What Are The Different Types Of Home Insurance Policies?

Home insurance policies protect your home against potential costs associated with disasters, burglaries, fires, and other emergencies. They also help you plan for and manage your home’s future expenses.

Here are some of the differences between basic and premium home insurance policies: 

Basic Policy Types

These policies pay for themselves quickly because customers already have access to a free quote from a licensed insurance broker. This means that the policyholders have maximum protection against outside costs and minimum exposure to potential losses. The policyholder also benefits from a fixed cost impact, which makes it one of the least expensive options available. While this type of insurance is great for those who want complete peace of mind, it doesn’t offer as much coverage as a more comprehensive policy. 

Premium Policy Types

These policies offer greater protections than basic policies and are more expensive. Because they have higher premiums, the policies require longer-term savings before being replaced by newer, higher-priced options. They are also harder for consumers to buy because insurers must charge extra to go beyond their basic liability coverage or pay out a penalty if they lie about their level of cover. For inquiries in Lees Summit, MO consult with us at Epic Insurance.

The one that pays for itself quickly reimburses you for the cost of any damages caused by a specific event. It also offers minimum exposure to potential losses because it doesn’t charge you a premium for the protection. 

Traditional home insurance policies don’t offer this coverage, and most online homeowners’ insurance policies don’t offer it either. This type of insurance is also cheaper than a traditional policy because it covers only the actual costs of the repairs or replacements. A premium home insurance policy may offer more protection in some cases but costs more. 

Which Type Should You Buy? 

The amount you have to pay before a basic home insurance policy is paid is determined by your most recent mortgage payment, your monthly expenses, and your age. The amount you must pay before each insurance policy should be different according to which type of home insurance you buy. Seek advice from Epic Insurance in Lees Summit, MO.

Will Home Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

When it comes to home insurance, what is and isn’t covered comes down to the cause of the damages more than the location of the damages. This means that yes, your home insurance provider will cover the roof of your Lees Summit, MO home. But, it will only cover the damages if they occur as a result of a covered hazard.

This means that in the event of a storm or a fire, your insurance company will cover the cost of replacing or repairing your roof. However, they will not pay to replace your roof simply because it was showing wear and tear and it’s time to replace it.

In fact, insurers may even drop their customers if a roof is neglected. The roof is one of the most important parts of the home, and if you don’t take care of it, then that signals to the insurer that you may be a poor caretaker of your home. Your insurer is willing to pay for the damages from covered hazards, but they expect you to keep the roof in the best shape you can reasonably keep it.

When a storm does blow through, it’s a good idea to take pictures, document the damages, and be on the lookout for "storm chasers." These are fly-by-night repair crews who go door to door promising to do the repairs, only to deliver substandard results while collecting the check from your insurer. Do your research, and don’t hire a repair crew just because they knocked on your door after the storm.

If you have any questions about insurance and roof repair in Lees Summit, MO, get in touch with Epic Insurance. Epic Insurance is here to get you covered no matter your home insurance needs.

Should I Change My Home Insurance When the Mortgage Is Paid?

You fully paid off your mortgage. Congratulations! That’s a major achievement, and it usually feels pretty good. Now that you’re free of the bank, you might want to change some things about the house and how you deal with it. It’s pretty common for people to rethink their home insurance at this juncture, and that’s not a bad idea. Here’s what Epic Insurance recommends to Lees Summit homeowners who have paid their mortgages.

Insurance Requirements

In order to get a mortgage, the lenders have certain rights, and included in that is the right to somewhat dictate your homeowner’s insurance requirements to you. They can require certain amounts of coverage, and they will always include it in the contract. This protects them from losses if something happens to damage the home.

When you are free and clear of your mortgage, those requirements go away. There is no longer a lien against your house, so no one has any say in your insurance policy except you. That means that you have an opportunity to explore new coverage options that may not have been acceptable to your lender.

Maintaining Coverage

While exploring new options might enable you to find a better overall policy for your situation, policy switching is something that requires a little diligence. You want to be sure that you are not creating coverage gaps. For many people, their home is the most valuable thing they own. You don’t want to leave it at risk by having a lapse in home insurance.

There’s a second thing to consider. Your lender set insurance minimum requirements because they were protecting their investments. They have spent a lot of time optimizing insurance requirements, so think carefully before you downgrade your total coverage.

Finding the perfect policy is a large task, but the agents at Epic Insurance can make it much easier. They know Lees Summit, MO, and what it takes to properly insure homes in the area.

How to prepare your home for summer to avoid home insurance claims

As a homeowner in the Lees Summit, MO area, it is critical to maintain your home all year round; however, it is also essential to prepare for the house specifically for the summer season. These are specific steps the agents at Epic Insurance have outlined to help prepare your home and avoid insurance claims. 

Trim trees back 

A strong summer storm can cause tree limbs to come loose and cause severe damage to your siding and windows. Before summer arrives, it is important to have the tree branches cut back and any loose limbs removed. In addition to trees, make sure your fence is secured so it does not come out of the ground and hit you or your neighbors’ house. 

Clean the gutters 

Before summer hits, be sure to have your gutters cleaned. With increased rain in the summer, if your gutters are clogged, the water will penetrate the house and cause water damage. Clean gutters will significantly reduce the likelihood you will have to file a water damage claim. 

Check your roof and make any repairs. 

The winter months can really take a toll on the condition of the roof. If the damage was caused to the roof during the winter, a rainy summer could lead to damage in your home. Be sure to have any holes patched, and shingles replaced before summer. 

Repair your driveway 

Similar to the roof, winter can cause damage to your driveway. With more guests coming over during the summer months, it is crucial to have any cracks or holes repaired. If a guest trips on one of the holes, you could end up paying a large liability claim. 

If you would like to learn more about home maintenance tips, reach out to an agent at Epic Insurance. We proudly serve the Lees Summit, MO area. 

Make Sure Your Home Policy Keeps Up with Your House’s Appreciation

Our homes are very likely to be the largest financial investment that we make in our lifetimes. It only makes sense to protect it! If you have owned your family home for a long time it has hopefully increased in value. Because of this fact, it’s important to make sure that your home policy is keeping up with the appreciation. Residents in the greater Lees Summit, MO area can rely on the team at Epic Insurance to help them review their homeowner’s policy for completeness.

Is Your Home Policy Lagging Behind Your House’s Value?

Many people research their insurance policies when they make an initial purchase and then think little about it going forward. The same is true of our homeowner’s policy, even though the value of our house may increase significantly over time. Unfortunately, this can mean that your family home is underinsured. Too many people find out after it’s too late that they do not have the proper level of insurance. Don’t let this happen to you! Reviewing your policy on an annual basis to make sure that it is keeping pace with the value of your home is a smart idea and one that you should put into practice. This is doubly true if you have conducted a major renovation, such as a kitchen update or room addition. Your home insurance policy is an important part of taking care of your home and protecting your family’s current lifestyle.

Now is a perfect time to make sure that your home policy is complete and up to date. Don’t let the increased value of your home go unprotected! If you are in the greater Lees Summit, MO area, call or stop by Epic Insurance today to learn more!

How to Upgrade Home Insurance for a Renovation

When doing a renovation project on your home, it important to upgrade your home insurance for the cost of the project. You will want to make sure you have the proper increase in replacement cost coverage for the home and its contents. Work with your agent at Epic Insurance serving Lees Summit, MO and the surrounding communities. Your agent will let you know what adjustments are needed and how to document the expenses of the renovation project to make calculating the replacement costs easier when the job is done.

Sequential Home Insurance Upgrades for Work In Progress

Change the insurance coverage before the job is finished, if it takes a long time to do the project and the renovation is done in stages. You can make multiple adjustments to the amount of home insurance coverage in sequence as the work is partially finished. This keeps the home’s insured value at the correct amount that covers the investment being made in renovating the home as the construction project is underway.

Video Tape the Project

A nice way to document the project is to make a videotape of the progress. This is good evidence that the work is actually being done and how it is done. A video recording shows the quality of the work, in case it needs to be redone later due to damage from an insured risk. It is nice to add a narration on the video recording to describe any special features that are part of the renovation project. Describe the use of valuable materials for the construction and the installation of any custom work.

Inflation Adjustment

It is a good idea for home insurance to have an automatic increase in value that is recalculated based on the general rate of inflation. This percentage is applied to the insured value of replacement cost to cover the increases in costs due to inflation.

Call 816-795-6600 to talk with your agent at Epic Insurance in Lees Summit, MO and let him or her know about your plans for a renovation project so that the proper adjustments can be made to your home insurance.

3 Little Known Benefits of Having Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a necessary expense that can protect our homes in the event of unforeseen weather and theft. Although many are aware of the underlying benefits homeowners insurance provides, they are unaware of some of the more little-known perks homeowners insurance provides. For those looking for homeowners policy in Lees Summit, MO, here are three little-known benefits homeowners may receive from a homeowners insurance policy from Epic Insurance.

Power Outage Protection

Most homeowners don’t realize that their policy may include coverage for refrigerator restocking fees in the event of a power outage. Many remember the infamous power outages throughout St. Louis in February of 2018. Those homeowners who had insurance would have been covered up to 500 dollars per claim for food that spoiled during the outage.

The Unforeseen Pet Bite

Many homeowners know about the liability insurance coverage included with their homeowner’s insurance policy, but most don’t know that many policies include special provisions that cover homeowners in the event of a dog bite. The Insurance Information Institute recently revealed that the average dog bite claim is roughly 37,000! If Old Yeller just so happens to bite you or your unsuspecting postman, never fear, your policy could provide you with the necessary funds to remedy the situation.

Family Members Property When They’re Away From Home

Most parents don’t realize that when their children go off to college full time, the personal property and liability coverage included in the parent’s policy goes with them. Children usually must have lived in the home for a certain period of time before they move away for school. Most policies cover kids under these terms until the age of 26. Why pay for something that you never use? Take advantage of every possible provision of your homeowner’s coverage!

For those homeowners in Lees Summit, MO looking to reap all the benefits of a homeowner’s policy, contact Epic Insurance, where we treat clients like family! 

How Much Home Insurance Do You Need?

Buying home insurance in Lees Summit, MO can be tricky. It can be hard to know exactly how much you need and how to determine how much you need. The last thing that you want to do is actually purchase too much or too little home insurance and either spend too much for the coverage or find out that you don’t have enough after it is too late. To help you determine how much you need, here at Epic Insurance, we wanted to help with this big tip. 

A lot of people think that the best way to determine how much home insurance they need is to take a look at the value of their property. However, this is a number that can change at any time and you do not want to constantly try to update your coverage to meet the market value of your home. The real way you want to determine how much home insurance you need is by determining your rebuild amount. You want to to know how much money it will take to rebuild your home and then get insurance to cover that amount. In the end, if you have to rebuild, you need enough to do that, not sell your property based on the current market value at that moment in time. 

If you are in the market for home insurance, be sure to reach out to us here at Epic Insurance, serving Lees Summit, MO, to get started on your home insurance policy today. Not only can we help you find the right policy with the perfect amount of coverage but we can also work with you to make sure we find one that fits in your budget. Contact us today to get started and get your free quote. 

Spring Storm Damage? Here’s What to Do

Spring is on the way in Lees Summit, MO. While the lovely weather is enjoyable, spring also brings the possibility of intense storms as the days get warmer. If your home is damaged by a storm, consider these three tips from Epic Insurance before you begin repairs.

Call the Insurance Company.

If there is storm damage, one of the first things you should do is to call your insurance agent. They can tell you exactly how to proceed. Even if the storm occurs outside of normal business hours or on the weekend, call the emergency number to get started filing your claim. You may want to have your policy number available before you call. Have a pen and paper handy, so you can write down the information that you learn on the phone. You should also record the name of the person you spoke to and the date and time of your call.

Don’t Make Repairs too Soon.

Second, while you probably want to get started right away in making repairs to your home, you definitely want to hold off on major repairs until after the adjuster has come by to see the damage himself.  However, you can make temporary repairs to avoid further damage to the home by the elements. For example, if part of your roof is missing and there’s rain in the forecast, you can tack a tarp or piece of plywood on the roof to keep your home as dry as possible. But, you should wait for the adjuster to view the damage before you start final repairs. Keep your receipts for any items you purchase for these temporary repairs. You may be able to be reimbursed for these expenses. 

Get Bids, but Be Wary!

Third, after your adjuster has given the go-ahead, get estimates from reputable contractors. If you don’t know who to call, talk to your insurance agent or the adjuster. Be very wary of contractors who go door to door after storms seeking work. Often, these people prey on folks with storm damage, but they do shoddy work with low-quality materials. 

If you have questions about home insurance in the Less Summit, MO area, call Epic Insurance before spring storm damage hits your home.