Commercial Insurance – Protection for Your Livelihood

If you are a business owner, you need commercial insurance. Epic Insurance, serving Lees Summit, MO and the surrounding areas, can provide this vital coverage.

Why Commercial Insurance?

Some small business owners may wonder why they need this coverage. After all, money is tight in the beginning, and they need to exercise care when spending their money. But even if a business is not profitable, commercial insurance is a must.

In the event a client or customer falls on company property and gets injured, any costs associated with that injury will need to be paid by the company. Or if an employee decides to file a lawsuit against the company for any reason, the company could be liable.

There are commercial insurance policies that all businesses need to offer protection from the risks that come with doing business. If these expenses need to be paid out-of-pocket, it can mean the difference between going under and staying afloat.

Another point in favor of commercial insurance is the fact that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers insurance policies a necessary cost of doing business. Therefore, they are tax deductible.

In today’s society, the chances of a business not being sued at some point in time are small. So, a company needs to be ready. If one angry client or former employee decides to sue and you don’t have insurance in place to cover the legal costs and possible costs of a settlement, you are going to be in trouble financially.

The expenses related to a trial alone could close your business down, especially if it is in the early stages of growth.

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