How to Get Health Insurance Without a Qualifying Event

Perhaps you self-insured for many years, or you recently lost your job and missed the COBRA extension date. You can qualify for insurance right now, although open enrollment for health insurance occurs each November and December. You won’t purchase your permanent health insurance this way, but you can get a temporary policy to see you through. Here is how Epic Insurance can help.

If you explore the health insurance portal from your Lees Summit, MO home, you probably found numerous options, but see that open enrollment does not occur until November or December. You probably do not want to wait that long to own health insurance. You could purchase a temporary policy now that sees you through until the December open enrollment period.

You might also qualify to purchase regular insurance now under an exception. For example, if you did lose your job and your employer provided your insurance, you qualify for an exception. Another exception is if you just moved to another state. While you must prove that you qualify for the exception, this lets you choose your permanent policy now. Other exceptions include:

  • Aging off of your parent’s insurance policy,
  • Expired COBRA coverage,
  • Getting a divorce,
  • Getting married,
  • Having a baby,
  • Adopting a child.

If you do not qualify for an exception and you simply have not had insurance, you can still obtain it now. Contact Epic Insurance, serving Lees Summit, MO to learn how to purchase temporary health insurance, so you can have coverage throughout the year. When November rolls around, you can either continue with your existing policy or you can transition to a permanent policy that provides better coverage or a cheaper price.