Myths About Recreational Vehicle Coverage

Driving a recreational vehicle, or RV, can be thrilling and fun. But myths abound around coverage for your RV, and how they’re covered can change state to state. 

Myth #1: My Car Insurance Will Cover My RV

This seems to be one of the biggest and most widespread myths about RV insurance: your normal car insurance will cover your RV. Unfortunately, this is untrue: not only do most automobile policies don’t cover your personal items, but they also usually do not include the necessary liability insurance that you’ll need when your recreational vehicle is parked and being used as your residence. 

Additionally, most auto coverage doesn’t include any accessories, such as satellite dishes, roof-top air conditioners, or awnings. Talk to a Lees Summit, MO insurance specialist to find out what insurance you need for your RV.

Myth #2: All RVs Need The Same Coverage / All RVs Are The Same

This is a two-part myth that goes hand in hand. First, not all RVs are the same: Towable RVs are not operated as motor vehicles, so they don’t require separate auto insurance. However, other types of motorhomes do require their own, separate auto insurance policy. 

Additionally, if you tow a trailer on your motorhome, it could be covered by your vehicle’s liability insurance policy, but once you park, it might not be. 

Second, not all RV insurance is equal: some policies will cover your entire recreational vehicle, while others will not.  A professional insurance agent at Epic Insurance in Lees Summit, MO will be able to help you figure out exactly what you need for your RV.

Myth #3: My Regular Homeowners Insurance Will Cover My RV Personal Property

Don’t get caught in a situation where you’re facing major losses: Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover most RV personal property. Not only do most homeowners insurance policies have a high deductible, but many have very strict requirements about what can be covered when you are not on the premises. 

Epic Insurance agents will be able to customize the right policy for you and your RV.