Neighbor Construction and Damage to Your Home

People in Lees Summit, MO generally get along fine with their neighbors until one does something that affects the living condition or enjoyment of the other. If not resolved correctly and quickly, these incidents can boil up into outright Hatfield vs. McCoy altercations in some case. Fortunately, unlike the old days, property damage issues can be resolved in a civil manner through a number of avenues. However, what many wonder is whether their homeowner’s insurance will get involved when there is damage to their own home.

The cause of the damage, the property line location and type of coverage purchased often dictates how involved the policy provider will be in the matter, according to Epic Insurance. Generally, damaged caused by an outside man-made force or action tends to be addressed. So whether a construction truck backed into a fence or home wall, or whether a crane dropped material on someone’s roof and damaged the tiles, the damage would likely be addressed. Then the insurance provider would file a claim against the neighbor and contractor to recover the expense. However, where the construction simply interferes with one’s enjoyment of his own property, such as an addition blocking out sunlight to one’s backyard, these issues are not structural and don’t really affect a home’s physical function. So they would not be covered. The homeowner would need to seek a civil action in court on his own to pursue recovery, usually through a nuisance lawsuit.

For those in the Lees Summit, MO area who need a second opinion on what a neighbor’s new construction project might mean to their policy, folks can give Epic Insurance a call for expert advice. Their agents have seen and worked with all kind of situations and can easily answer most technical questions adequately.