Get In On The Ground Floor: Home Insurance Concerns For Your Kitchen, Diningroom and Living Areas of Your Home

Do We Need to Know It All?

It is not our contention that every homeowner needs to know every aspect of their home insurance policy. However, it is a great idea to gain some knowledge as you look around your home to look at things in the perspective of what it means to protect it.

  • Kitchen – with the amount of electricity used in this one room, you want to ensure that all lines are properly maintained. Hear the water running? Homeowners should understand that maintaining water pipes is a responsibility as well. Insurance is impacted by flooding, fires and another calamity that originates in this room.
  • Living Room, Dining Room  – the place where we do most of our entertaining. Make certain the flooring is secure and properly maintained to ensure your guests don’t take a spill.  All aspects of these rooms must be maintained such as electricity and windows so that the threat of accidents are minimized or eradicated.

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