Use Commonsense When You Are Considering Commercial Insurance

Who wants to make purchasing commercial insurance an epic event?
Believe it or not, we do. At Epic Insurance we are committed to taking the drama out of protecting your business. You are in business to make money and depending on the type of business you own you want to provide high quality goods and/or services to your client base. You are definitely not in business to lose much needed rest worrying about who may trip and fall outside on the sidewalk out front of the business or who may be injured as a result of an accident one of your company vehicles may be involved in.

What Do I Have to Consider When Commercial Insurance Becomes Necessary For My Business

Owning a small, medium or large business has inherent liability risk that is contingent upon the type of business you own. There are many factors that must be considered when you come to the table to purchase your commercial insurance policy.

Points of consideration include:

  • the amount of people that are employed at your business as well as the risk that they face when they are on the job and conducting your business
  • are vehicles being used to conduct your business?
  • who is using the vehicle?
  • where are they going in the vehicle?

These are the commonsense questions that must be answered to determine the amount of insurance that would best fit the needs of your commercial enterprise.

We make purchasing insurance for your car, home, life and business an epic occasion. Epic Insurance takes the drama out of understanding the terms of your policy. We offer a considerate and professional staff of service professionals to make certain you understand your protection and the inherent liability of your business.