Protect Your Valuables With These Packing Tips

There’s nothing worse than opening up a box you just moved into a new home, only to find it full of porcelain dust and smashed debris. Not only did valuables perish in the move but you put in the extra time and backbreaking effort to move the material. At Epic Insurance, we want to keep all of your valuables safe. So, whether moving from Lees Summit, MO, moving away from it or anywhere else in the world, there are some options available for protecting your valuables. Here are some tips. 

High Value Inventory Form

If you decide to hire a moving company, fill out a high value inventory form before starting. Anything valued at over $100, you should include on the form. This way, the moving company understands valuables are present in particular boxes. It also gives you a bit more leeway when working with the company after the move. Should something break despite all your forewarning, this documentation helps you reclaim the worth of your valuables. 

Wrap Every Piece

Yes, wrapping every single piece of China is time consuming, but it is better than opening the box up to broken pieces of China. Wrap everything in bubble wrap, or if you are on a budget, with clothing. Mixing valuable, breakable material with clothing (without metal buttons or zippers) can help pack two different items at the same time. 

Label Your Valuables

You’re moving dozens of boxes (if not more) over the course of your move. It is easy to forget which box is which. To avoid this, simply mark all of your boxes and make sure to clearly label your valuable boxes. If you don’t want to write "Valuable" or "Fragile" on the box, just use a bright yellow sticker so you automatically know what is in it.