Am I Covered Against a Hit-and-Run Driver? 3 Facts

Were you recently involved in an accident where the other driver left the scene? Or did you come out of your home or office to find that an unknown driver has damaged your parked vehicle? Either way, having the right level of insurance coverage is crucial to being able to repair your car during a hit-and-run situation. Here are three facts you need to know.

Your Policy Does Cover You Against Hit-and-Run Drivers

It is important to first note that your Missouri auto insurance policy does protect you against hit-and-run drivers—but you have to have the right type of coverage listed as part of your contract. Collision works to pay for your vehicle’s repairs, regardless of who is at-fault. However, this coverage is optional, meaning you have to add it at the time you purchase the policy for it to cover a hit-and-run accident.

Another important fact to consider is that those who utilize their collision coverage to pay for damage due to a hit-and-run incident will still be responsible for their deductible. This amount is paid directly to the body shop when repairs are complete.

You Could Possibly Get Your Deductible Back

If the other driver is ever found, most carriers will either bill the person directly or their insurance company for damages through a process called subrogation. As a courtesy, many insurance companies will try to recoup your deductible back for you during that time, but it is never a guarantee. So, there is a chance for you to get your money back—even though the chances are slim.

Having the Right Optional Coverages is Crucial

It is also vital to have the right optional coverages on your policy to make dealing with a hit-and-run incident easier. Rental reimbursement comes in handy by providing temporary transportation while your vehicle is under repair, while medical payments coverage could help take care of any healthcare costs associated with an injury.

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