How You Can Get Ready to Drive Abroad

There is a lot that you can do in order to get ready for driving abroad. You may already have your ticket booked and your rental car reserved. This is a start, but you also want to anticipate driving in a foreign country.


The driver’s license that you have for the state of Missouri may not be sufficient based upon where you are traveling. The rental car company will tell you what you need. There may be the need to obtain an International Driving Permit, which can be obtained from an auto club for a small fee. This will translate your license into different languages.


A GPS with the necessary international maps loaded can ensure that you know how to get to everywhere you want to go. It’s better to have a separate unit as opposed to one built into your smart phone, so that you don’t have to worry about any kind of roaming charges. It may also be advantageous to have some paper maps in case your GPS goes down.


Insurance should be obtained, either from your credit card company, rental car company, or elsewhere. This ensures you can file a claim in the event of an accident or other issue.

Road Rules

You may be driving on the “wrong” side of the road and there may be other rules to know about in the country you are driving in. Familiarize yourself with road signs, unusual laws, and everything else. This will provide you with more confidence and prevent getting pulled over for breaking a law that you were unaware of.

Whether you are driving abroad or driving in Missouri, you want to be safe. Call now and one of our independent agents at Epic Insurance can talk to you more about auto insurance coverage, quotes, and more.